Odor Eliminator & Air Freshener Sampler Kit

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Eliminate odors & enjoy a pleasant aroma

Product Highlights

  • Eliminates odors and leaves your car smelling fresh
  • Perfect for food, pet, smoke, and other odors
  • Includes seven 2oz spray bottles in seven scents:
    • Wild Madagascar Vanilla
    • Double Mint Chocolate
    • Fresh Baby Powder
    • Major League Bubble Gum
    • Every Berry Smoothie
    • DC Extract
    • GT Extract


    Attack odors at their source

    These powerful odor eliminators are formulated to remove odors in your vehicle’s interior. A unique blend of ingredients traps and eliminates bad odors while at the same time releasing a pleasant aroma. Attack odors at their source! Ideal for food, pet, smoke, and other odors. Just a few sprays inside your vehicle will leave it smelling fresh for weeks. Non-toxic formula



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