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Everything you need to wax your car!

Shopping for the proper products to wax your car can be overwhelming with all the products on the market. The experts at Honest Wash have made it easy by assembling a complete kit with everything you need to wax your car.
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That's a lot of wax!

Each kit includes a 32oz bottle of Daily Defense Wax, a 32oz bottle of Active Wax, 2 wax applicators, and 2 plush microfiber towels. For the best protection and shine, Daily Defense wax should be applied every 30-60 days.


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Wax on, wax off!

Daily Defense Wax applies easily with circular motions using the included wax applicators. Once the wax dries to a haze use the included plush microfiber towels to buff it off, revealing a rich shine. Active Wax, a high quality spray wax should be applied weekly to maintain an ultimate shine. Active Wax is easy to apply, just spray on and buff off using a plush microfiber towel.

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Shine and protect your car's paint!

Make your car shine. Keeping a nice coat of wax on your vehicle’s paint is essential if you want it to last. The paint on your car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle is constantly taking abuse from road debris, precipitation, and UV sun rays. A good coat of wax will protect your paint from this abuse. Not only does wax protect your paint but it also makes it shine.



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