Deluxe Pressure Washer Foam Cannon Kit

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All of the essentials for a professional foam car wash!

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If you want to give your car a professional car wash complete with a high pressure foam lather this Deluxe Kit is for you. Packed with a high pressure foam cannon to connect to your pressure washer you'll have your car foamed up in no time.

Kit Includes:


Step 1, Wash!

Begin by attaching the Foam Cannon to your pressure washer (not included) and spray a thick lather of Fat Foamer onto your car. Then, use the microfiber wash mitt to loosen any stubborn dirt build ups and rinse the car off.

Step 2, Clean Your Wheels!

Now, spray Brake Dust Pro onto your wheels and watch brake dust and dirt run off as you rinse your wheels.

Step 3, Dry and Window Cleaning!

Finally, dry your car with the gigantic Waffle Weave Towel and finish by polishing your windows to a shine with Glass Perfect and a microfiber towel.



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