Wash Mitts and Brushes

     In order properly wash your car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle wash mitts and brushes are needed to remove dirt. Wash mitts are made from a microfiber or synthetic blend and used to soap up your vehicle and wheels. Wash mitts are commonly used to apply car wash soap solutions onto surfaces. After mixing a car wash solution in a bucket use a wash mitt to lather up your vehicle. If you are not a fan of buckets and want to achieve the cleanest car possible we recommend spraying your car with one of our foam cannons and then lathering up your car with a wash mitt. This eliminates the repetitive task of bending down and dipping a wash mitt into a bucket and then wiping the car.

     Just as important as wash mitts are brushes. Our brushes use soft natural and synthetic bristles and are perfect for hard to reach places. Ideal for use on grills, wheels, tires, and engine bays where dirt commonly builds up. 



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