Clean & Shine Wheel & Tire Kit

Clean & Shine Wheel & Tire Kit
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Clean & Shine Wheel & Tire Kit Spray Brake Dust Pro on to a dry wheel. Watch brake dust and dirt run off your wheels. Rinse the wheel with a pressure washer. Apply Tire Love with the included applicator. The tire applicator is perfect for standard and low profile tires. Enjoy your shining tires!

Clean & Shine Wheel & Tire Kit

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A complete wheel and tire care kit!

What good is a clean car if your wheels and tires aren’t clean too? With so many products on the market today it can seem overwhelming to select the right products to clean your wheels and shine your tires. Luckily the team at Honest Wash has put together a simple and effective kit for your car, truck, SUV or motorcycle.
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Tire and wheel care made easy!

Each Clean and Shine Wheel and Tire Kit comes complete with a 32oz bottle of Brake Dust Professional wheel cleaner BDP, a 32oz bottle of Tire Love tire shine, and a tire shine applicator.


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Scrub-free wheel cleaner destroys brake dust!

With a no-scrub, acid free, and pH balanced formula, Brake Dust Professional is safe for all wheels. Simply spray Brake Dust Pro onto a dry wheel covering all surfaces and crevices. Allow Brake Dust Pro to soak on the wheel for at least 2 minutes. Brake dust, dirt, and grime will begin to turn a deep red and run off the wheel as the product works. Finish cleaning your wheels by rinsing with water from a high pressure hose nozzle or power washer.

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Give your tires some love!

Once your wheels are clean it’s time to shine your tires. This is where Tire Love shines. Tire Love is a quick drying tire shine that lasts weeks not days. The quick drying formula will not “sling” and get on your vehicles paint when driving. Just spray tire love directly onto the included foam applicator and wipe the tire’s sidewall until you reach the shine you desire. For a vibrant shine Tire Love can be sprayed directly onto the tire.

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